Learn the hidden triggers of why people buy, how things go viral, and the secrets of customer loyalty.

Thanks! BehaviorCon, has ended this year, but we'll let you know of upcoming events. Just let us know where to send the details

Learn from the world's experts on human behavior:

  • Why consumers buy – including their hidden triggers and fears
  • How ideas and products go viral
  • What turns customers into lifelong fans

Founded by Ramit Sethi and Michael Fishman, BehaviorCon will debut in August 2013 as the preeminent conference on consumer psychology and behavioral economics as applied to marketing and business strategy.

You'll learn from leading university professors, entrepreneurs, and renowned marketers, who will present practical case studies of what works, what doesn't, and fascinating insights of human behavior. Learn why we claim we should do something, but don't…how habits are formed (and broken)…how to engineer contagious ideas...and how to ethically drive massive sales.

All fact-based.

All practical.

All ready to apply to your business.

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